January 2020

There's a  new year upon us, and we're buried in snow.

But the woodshed is warm with the crackle and glow 

Theres the smell of Nag Champa and Jack Herer in the room,

Snap of the snare and the kick…


April 2019

Spring!! Sprang!! Sprung!! The longest winter in recorded history is OVER!! 

We're taking it easy this year, not a lot of road time, but check out the events for the shows we do have coming up, this year its quality…


June 2018

Jeez... so busy the last few months I forgot to blog about all the fun stuff we've been up to. First and foremost, we FINALLY released Boughs & Eros into the world!! Woo Hoo!!  Well, that felt good, so good…

March 2018

First day of SPRING!!  Yes!! We are BEYOND excited to leave old man winter behind and get on with things. We are chomping on the bit and ready to ride! The record is out of our hands, getting the final…

February 2018

February 2018. We're home from Saskatchewan, songs are in the can.

We're doing stuff like day jobs and web site development. pretty fun stuff.

Whats new with ya'll?